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Metal Associates can fulfill its customer’s copper needs from copper tubes to custom copper forming. Our copper is distributed to customers for a multitude of commercial and industrial applications due to its useful and varying properties. Copper is very versatile, malleable, and conductor of heat and electricity. Although copper is soft in its pure state, copper can be mixed with other alloys to create much stronger characteristics such as brass, which is copper and zinc, and bronze, which is copper and tin. It can also be alloyed with aluminum, steel, silver and nickel to enhance its own properties. Since copper is also resistant to harsh temperatures and environments, chemicals and moisture, it can be used in both indoor and outdoor applications. Whatever the application, let Metal Associates be your next copper suppliers.
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Available in Various Forms:

  • Copper Rod
  • Copper Bars (Rectangular, Hexagon, and Square)
  • Copper Sheets and Plates
  • Copper Coil
  • Copper Foil
  • Round, Flat and Square Copper Wire
  • Copper Tubes and Copper Pipes
Custom Copper Forms also available upon request

Alloys Available:

  • CDA 101, 102 OFHC
  • CDA 107 Siver Bearing OFHC
  • CDA 110 Electrolytic Tough Pitch
  • CDA 113, 114, 117 Silver Bearing
  • CDA 122 DHP
  • CDA 145 Tellurium Copper
  • CDA 150 AMZIRC, Zirconium Copper
  • CDA 162 Cadmium Copper
  • CDA 172, 173, 175, 17510 Beryllium Copper
  • CDA 182 Chromium Copper
  • CDA 187 Leaded Copper
  • CDA 194, 195 Iron Bearing Copper

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Metal Associates is a reliable distributor of ferrous and non-ferrous metals. This supplier can provide metals in a variety of shapes including aluminum, brass, copper, bronze, Invar, Cupro-Nickel and more. Metal Associates is committed to providing their customers with outstanding metal products for their projects. These dependable items are long-lasting and this company works with you every step of the way to find you those “hard to find” alloys. There is no project too challenging for their highly trained staff. If you have any special requests then do not hesitate to let one of their representatives know.

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