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As a full line distributor of both non-ferrous and ferrous metals in just about every shape, temper, alloy or form out there we are proud of each and every product that leaves our doors because we know that due to a close attention to detail that our products will fit the desired application of our customers in the best way possible. Our objective is to always provide a superior service and responding to your needs is our top priority, we don’t have a flashy marketing philosophy we simply believe that establishing solid, long lasting relationships with our customers is the secret to success. And throughout our companies history this has remained true!

This history and reputation of success extends into every aspect of our business, we’d like to take this time to highlight our lock wire products which come in a variety of different alloys from Ni-Cu Monel to Copper Cadmium (Yellow), check out our lock wire page for more detailed information. We are proud to offer our customers lock and safety wire solutions to their unique needs, and because we work with a number of different materials we are able to provide solutions to a wide range of customers. From the automobile industry to applications in the aerospace industry, our lock wires are counted on to perform when needed no matter the environment. No matter your application or current lock wire need you may have, here at Metal Associates we are proud to say that we can supply you with the most reliable safety wire products available.

You will find a list of alloys that are available here at Metal Associates on our lock wire page and in addition to that list we are now a supplier of Cadmium plated copper wire in the following coppers: CY10, CY13, CY15, CY20, CY32, and CY40. Reach out to us today for more information on our Lock wires and all the products & services we offer here at Metal Associates

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